The 3 Things Project

According to a survey by First Round Capital, many women think the lack of gender diversity in tech is due to a lack of mentors and role models. Why? There are plenty of successful women in leadership in tech that are amazing role models. But their numbers are relatively small compared to the men. And they just don’t get anywhere near the ink the guys do.

So I started this blog to amplify the voices of those women. But grabbing time with these awesome people is often challenging and hey, I’m just one person. I’m limited as to how many of these I can do a year. But there are so many MORE women out there who have wisdom that needs to be shared.

That’s why I created the 3 Things Project. It’s a simple form where in about 15 minutes, women can share the top 3 things they’ve learned so far in their entrepreneurial journeys. They submit it, I post it (sometimes I lightly edit for understanding too). The link isn’t public right now. Mostly because it’s still a project, and so I can verify that the women participating are founders or involved in startups. But if you’re reading this and think you fit the profile or know someone who does, please drop me a quick email at laura [at] laurazavelson [dot] com.



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