Kate Grochowski’s 3 Things

What made you want to try founding or joining a startup?

I wanted to join a startup because I knew that as a recent graduate I would be able to assume a more senior position more quickly when given the chance to prove myself. In doing so, I would have the opportunity to wear many hats and learn at an exponential rate in comparison to a corporate environment. I also knew that my unconventional background [ed. as a dance major and entrepreneurship minor] would be valued in an innovative environment. This boosted my confidence and consequently my contributions.

What do you think women can do to prepare themselves to be successful leaders?

Solidify an authentic identity. It will make you confident in your abilities, valuable to your team, and unique in your organization. Additionally, humility is one of the most, if not the most, important quality of a leader. Channel this characteristic in every component of your life, and it will naturally translate to your career.

What is your personal leadership philosophy?

As a leader, I catalyze innovation by supporting unorthodox ideas. I believe in empowerment and take a lead by example approach. I strive daily to exercise humility, doing whatever I can, regardless of the task, to ensure my team members feel supported. I also believe leaders should not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

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