10 Things About Women, Funding and Startups That Will Make You Mad

  1. 30% of startups have no women on their board of directors. (1)

  2. 54% of startups have no women in executive positions. (1)

  3. In a recent survey of 700 founders, almost half the men surveyed think the tech diversity problem is the result of not enough women going into tech. (2)

  4. About 80% of U.S. venture capital goes to all male founding teams. (3)

  5. Under 3% of U.S. venture capital goes to all female founding teams. (3)

  6. In 2016, the average VC investment for women-led companies was $4.5 million; for male-run companies it was $10.9 million. (3)

  7.  Only about 7% of investment partners at venture capital funds are women. (4)

  8. Between 2010-2015, just 15% of seed dollars globally went to startups with at least one woman founder. (4)

  9. In a survey of women in tech, 84% have been told they are too aggressive. (5)

  10. In the same survey, 60% of women in tech reported experiencing unwanted sexual advances. (5)

So now that you’re fired up, what can you do? Speak up. Speak out. If you’re in a position of leadership where you can help another woman, do it. Aggressively. And keep the conversation going.

My own experience of being in M&A in tech and then a founder and then a CXO is that being a woman leader can often feel lonely. Especially when you’re the only woman in the room. The more women that share their stories and offer to be role models, mentors and especially sponsors for other women, the stronger we all become.

I’ve started aggregating a list of facts like these and other conversation starters on my site. Feel free to grab them for your next speech or panel appearance or article or post. The sources for the facts on this list are below.

(1) Silicon Valley Bank’s 2017 US Startup Outlook Report

(2) First Round Capital State of Startups Report

(3) PitchBook

(4) TechCrunch

(5) Elephant in the Valley Survey

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